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Tiger, Tiger, Not So Bright

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I work at a golf store.

Customer: “I want to try some Nike clubs. They’ll make me play like Tiger, right?”

I think it’s a joke, so I laugh.

Me: “They could help, but it’s mostly in the golfer.”

This guy’s eyes suddenly light up, and he goes to the simulator and dibbles some balls ten yards. This is followed by him screaming in anger at me.

Customer: “I’m hitting the ball terribly because of these clubs!”

Me: “Sir, the clubs aren’t what’s going to make you better, but the swing.”

Before I can react, he tries to break the club in half, causing some damage. I call my manager over.

Manager: “You’re paying for that.”

Customer: “Nuh-uh! You guaranteed that these would make me play like Tiger Woods!”

I walked away to help another customer at this point. He paid.

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