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Thy Cup Runneth Over With Laziness

, , , | Right | April 2, 2020

(I’m working in the window of the drive thru.)

Me: “Here’s your coffee and change, sir. Have a nice day!” 

Customer: “Thanks! Hey, can you throw this cup away? I forgot to do it at the garbage cans back there.” 

Me: “Sorry, we’re not allowed to take garbage through the window for health and safety reasons.” 

Customer: “Darn! Oh, well, thanks again.”

(The customer drives off. Ten minutes later, a customer drives past the speaker without ordering, and I don’t think anything of it until I see the same customer driving past the window.)

Customer: “Hey! Sorry! Just wanted to throw my cup away!” 

(Instead of using one of the trash cans conveniently located in front of the store, he decided instead to wait ten minutes in the drive-thru lane just to throw away his cup.)

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