Thumb Dumb

| Learning | April 26, 2017

(It’s biology class and we’re to the lesson on blood types. This is, of course, when we all get to stick a finger to draw blood and find out our blood types. Most of us handle this in the usual fashion: a few with some hesitation, a few are accustomed to the procedure and it’s no big deal to do it to ourselves. Of course, there’s the one person who just freaks out and spends the whole class period working up the nerve to cope with a little poke. But the real fun was the kid with little impulse control and that generally fails to listen to instructions.)

Kid: *after one poke* “It’s not working!”

(He pokes his finger tip again, quite deeply. Then a few more times in rapid succession.)

Other Kid: “Dude, you’re supposed to put some pressure at the base of your finger pad with your thumb.”

Kid: “Oh, yeah!” *presses thumb and suddenly his finger is gushing and dripping on the floor* “Whoah!”

(You can probably imagine how this is affecting “panic girl” and further delaying her getting the task done. Isn’t high school biology fun?)

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