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Throwing Up Your Hands In Frustration

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Before I go to university, I often hang out with a bunch of old high school friends. We have parties at different people’s houses, and over time, I get to know some of their acquaintances.

At one party, I notice the girlfriend of one of the friends has a couple of drinks, and then, after maybe an hour or two, she starts throwing up and her boyfriend is holding her hair back. At first, I don’t pay too much attention to it, but then I notice that it keeps happening at different parties she attends.

Concerned, I go to my friend who is hosting. 

Me: “Hey, why does [Girl] always start throwing up after a couple of drinks?”

Friend: *Laughs* “Oh, she can’t handle her alcohol, so at most parties, she’ll have a couple, be sick, and then just sleep the rest of the night!”

He says this like it’s a perfectly normal thing.

Me: “Err… then maybe she should stop drinking.”

Friend: “What? Why?”

Me: “If she can’t handle drinking, maybe she should think about giving up alcohol.”

Friend: “Oh, come on. It’s just her thing; it’s nothing to worry about.”

Me: “Throwing up all the time isn’t a good sign. Maybe she has some kind of condition where her body has trouble processing alcohol?”

Friend: “Don’t be daft, [My Name]. No one has trouble drinking alcohol. That’s a bunch of crap!”

Me: “Well, it isn’t, actually. [Famous Actor] has a condition where—”

Friend: *Interrupting* “You’re talking nonsense, mate. [Girl] isn’t hurting anyone, so just leave it, yeah?”

Me: “What if she gets herself into a bad situation and her boyfriend isn’t there to help her?”

Friend: “Stop talking crap.”

With that, he walked away, shaking his head and leaving me marvelling at how blase they all were about this. Soon after, I began university and I eventually drifted away from that group. I can hope that girl wised up a bit, or better yet, stopped drinking.

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