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Throwing The Sexism Book At Them

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I’ve been told that I’m pretty; my hair is curly and red and I wear makeup and know a bit about how to wear clothes that flatter me. I’m craving some new reading material, so I go into a bookstore with the intent of finding a good fantasy. As soon as I arrive, the male clerk follows me with his eyes. I find the cookbook section, and, remembering that I still need a birthday present for my friend, I start looking through them, trying to find one that she’ll like. Someone taps on my shoulder. It’s the male clerk from before.

Clerk: “Can I help you find anything?” *Smiles*

Me: “Yeah, do you have any fantasy novels?”

His eyes go wide and he leads me to another part of the store… to books with titles like “Fifty Shades Of Grey” and “Broken Heart.”

Me: “Not these! I meant like vampires, werewolves, ghosts—”

Clerk: “Oh, really? I thought you meant this section. I mean, dressed the way you are.”

Me: “Excuse me? That’s really sexist.”

Clerk: “I’m not being sexist. I’m just saying, you’re really beautiful. I would like to go out with you.”

Me: “Wow. Um, no, sorry. I have to go.”

Then, I realize that he’s cornered me, and I can’t get around him without him being able to grab me. Then, a man comes out of a back room and I give him a pleading look. He walks up and taps the male clerk on the shoulder.

Man: “[Clerk], I need you to go shelve those Stephen Kings.”

Clerk: “Hang on, I’m helping this girl.”

Man: “Do it, now.”

Thankfully, the male clerk goes to the back. 

Me: “Are you the manager?”

Man: “Yes. Was he bothering you?”

I told him what had happened, and he shook his head and promised to write him up for harassment. I put the cookbook back and haven’t gone into that shop again. Now I buy all my books online.

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