Throwing In The Towel

| Lake Travis, TX, USA | Learning | February 13, 2014

(It is the beginning of history class, the first period of the day. The teacher is going over the homework she is passing back. Class technically began about five minutes earlier as the football students walk in late.)

Teacher: “Settle down. Settle down! Just go to your seats. I already know you are late from practice.”

(As she goes to hand the football students their homework, she notices one is wearing a towel instead of pants.)

Teacher: *trying to stifle a laugh* “What in the world are you wearing?!”

Student: “I forgot to bring a change of clothes for after practice.”

(The teacher has to shout because the whole class is realizing that the student has no pants and is talking about it.)

Teacher: “And you couldn’t borrow some shorts or find an extra pair from someone else?!”

Student: “I didn’t have time. I was going to be late to class!”

Teacher: *shaking her head* “I will write you a pass. Now, please go find pants before you return to class.”

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