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Throwing Humor All Over The Place

, , | Right | June 1, 2020

Customer: “Hey, is it all right if I bring my drink in?”

The customer gestures at his can of Coke.

Me: “Sure! As long as you don’t spill it all over the place, and you don’t take it back to our event tables.”

Customer: “No, I was just going to go look at the Legos.”

Me: “Yeah, you’re totally fine! You know, as long as you promise not to throw it all over the place.” *Laughs*

The customer goes to browse and then later comes up to the register to pay for his Lego set. The transaction goes smoothly. Then, he is walking out the door, suddenly angry.

Customer: “You know, if you ever want me to come back here, you guys need to be a lot nicer!”

Me: *To my coworkers* “Wait, what did he say?”

Coworker: “He was like that last time, and he actually yelled at [Other Coworker].”

Me: “Okay, I guess that’s the last time I try to be funny.”

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