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Throwing Himself Away

, , , | Right | June 18, 2021

I’m working at an open-concept branch of a bank. This means the teller area has been converted into individual pods, with no wall, line, or anything separating customers from us. Technically, the area behind the pods is still off-limits to customers. However, there’s nothing to stop them from getting back there!

I have a customer who is trying to lean around my pod to see the computer.

Me: “Sir, please don’t do that.”

Customer: “Why?”

Me: “Because you could potentially see someone else’s personal information.”

Customer: “I was just trying to see if you had a trash can back there.”

He holds up a crumpled piece of paper.

Me: “I do. I’ll toss that for you.”

I hold my hand out to take the paper. He leans around the pod again.

Me: “Sir!”

Customer: “Ah, there it is. I’ll do it myself.”

Me: “Sir, this is a restricted area back here. I’ll take your trash for you.”

Customer: “Oh, nonsense. I’ll be fine!”

He walks around the pod and promptly trips on my support mat. He catches himself right before he face-plants and retreats to the front of the pod.

Me: “So, I’ll throw that away for you, then?”

Customer: *Sighs* “Yes, please.”

Question of the Week

What is the most stupid reason a customer has asked to see your manager?

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