(Throwing) A Curve Ball

| Learning | June 28, 2013

(This professor is really tough, but gives weekly quizzes that are on a curve so that at least one person in the class always gets a 100%.)

Student 1: *whispering to class* “Everybody just write your name, leave the rest blank and we’ll all get perfect scores.”

Class: “Agreed!”

(The professor comes in and sees us all sitting there not taking the quiz. He goes around and collects our papers.)

Professor: “Are you sure you all want to do this?”

Students: “…”

Professor: “You’re sure? Nobody here wants to change their mind?”

Student #2: “Yes, I want to actually take the quiz now.”

(Student #2 stands up to go get his paper back, completes his quiz and hands it to the professor. The professor grades it.)

Professor: “[Student #2], you got an 80%. When you make a decision, stick with it. Everybody else gets a 100%. However, this is the first and only time this will work.”

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