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Throw Their Logic Back At Them

, , , , | Right | March 8, 2021

I work for a rental car company. It is company policy to require certain documentation from customers using debit cards: a utility bill with a local address and proof of employment. Even regular renters need to provide this every time. I have just transferred to this branch.

Me: “Hello, sir, how are you doing today?”

Customer: “Reservation.”

Me: “Okay, I just need your driver’s license and a major credit card.”

The customer hands me his license and a debit card.

Me: “We can definitely use your debit card, sir. I will just need your proof of residency and employment.”

Customer: *Yelling* “I’ve been coming in here every week for months! You should know who I am! I shouldn’t have to give this to you! This is terrible customer service! I’m going to complain!”

Me: *Calmly* “Sir, do you know my name? Have you even seen me before?”

Customer: *Calms down a little bit* “No. I don’t think I’ve seen you before.”

Me: “Okay, so what makes you think I would know who you are?”

Customer: “I guess you wouldn’t. I’m sorry. I just don’t see why I have to provide those things.”

Me: “That’s all right, sir. I’ll explain it to you, and then we can move forward.”

The customer and I got along great for the remainder of my time with the company. He brought his documents with him every time after that first exchange. This is why employees shouldn’t make exceptions to company policy; it makes it harder for good employees to do their jobs.