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Throw The Book At Him By Throwing The Book At Him

| Learning | March 11, 2014

(In my school, you are required to take either Latin or Ancient Greek. After having had Latin for years in middle school, they make me take Greek. Our class was made up of two girls and a native Greek guy. This guy always tell my best friend and me to get back in the kitchen, to stop trying to flirt with him, etc. We are doing a translation from the book out loud.)

Teacher: “[Greek Student], can you take the next paragraph?”

([Greek Student] reads the paragraph, but he mistranslates a verb the same way several times.)

Teacher: “That was good, but you missed one word every time. Can anyone tell me which one?”

(I raise my hand, translate it, and explain why it was translated that way.)

Teacher: “Very good, [My Name].”

Greek Student: *mocking* “Oh, [My Name], goddess of wisdom. ‘Smarter than everyone else’ jerk. My master of the universe.”

(At this point, I grab my copy of the textbook and chuck it across the room, hitting him in the face.)

Me: “Actually, [Greek Student], I’m your mistress.”

(There’s dead silence for a moment.)

Teacher: “I’m going to pretend that didn’t happen since he had it coming…”

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