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Throw That Friendship Out With The Puddle Water

, , , , , | Friendly | July 17, 2020

My dad grew up as a poor Cajun boy who was, and still is, known for not being able to say no to people that need help. However, in high school, he somehow became best friends with the youngest son — known to be a troublemaker — of a rather rich and influential family in our area. My dad told me this story from back when the two of them were in their twenties.

It is the day after a massive rainstorm so there are puddles everywhere on the roads. They’re on the interstate with my dad’s friend driving, and a middle-aged woman passes them while smoking a cigarette with her window down.

Friend: “Hey, [Dad], watch this!”

He proceeds to all but slam on the accelerator and manages to time it perfectly so that he hits a massive puddle on the road just as they catch up to this woman’s car. This causes a massive arc of water to go through her open window, completely drenching her. According to my dad, she chases them for several miles, understandably VERY angry, but his friend manages to lose her.

I never really had that high opinion of this family friend to begin with for other reasons and learning this story definitely didn’t help that. Why my dad is still so close to him, I have no clue.