Throw A Party And Get A Lecture About It

| Learning | July 12, 2017

(The day before a lecture, there was a huge party at our school, with both students and teachers participating alike. There’s a rule that if there’s less than a half of students present at a lecture, the teacher can report the lecture as failed and not actually read it. Near the start of the lecture, it starts to appear that almost all of students who participated in the party are tormented by a hangover and sleep deprivation and explicitly hoping that the professor won’t show up. One minute before the lecture starts, the professor shows up, looking rather messy and clearly in the same condition as majority of students, if not worse.)

Professor: *sighs* “Bunch of rascals. I was hoping that almost no one would show up, so that I could cancel the whole thing and catch some more sleep.”

Me: *chuckles* “Well, you can clearly see, they will tell you exactly the same.”

(He read the whole lecture, as if he was perfectly awake and sober, only with fewer jokes on the subject. We all thought before that he was an impressive lecturer, but he showed us what he’s really made of.)

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