Three For Two Is Not For You

, , | Right | December 21, 2017

(I work as a cashier at a store that has a three-for-two offer on items you’d usually buy as Christmas (eg. men’s deodorant boxset, fragrance boxsets, etc.). Every item included in the offer has a green sticker with a picture of a wrapped present on it. All of these are also only upstairs that basically becomes the “Christmas” section during December. A customer comes up to the counter with three items which I ring up.)

Me: “So that’ll be [amount], please.”

Customer: “That’s not right. It should be [lower amount] because these are three-for-two.”

Me: *looks closely at items* “No, I’m sorry, two of your items are three-for-two because they have the green sticker on, see? This third item isn’t included in the Christmas three-for-two. It doesn’t have a green sticker on, and is from downstairs. If you want this brand for three-for-two, there is a stand over there with other items from this brand that are included on the three-for-two.”

Customer: “But this brand has always been three-for-two! Why can’t I get this one for three-for-two?”

Me: “Like I said, this item is from downstairs, and isn’t part of the Christmas offer, but the same brand is literally a few feet behind you. You can get one from there.”

Customer: “But I wanted this one for three-for-two. Why won’t you let me have it?”

Me: “Miss, it just isn’t included in the offer, and either way, this brand is the cheapest of the three brands you have here. If you go and get another item you like from this brand just from a few feet behind you, that’ll be the item that’s free, anyway.”

(The customer eventually begrudgingly looked for another item, but she still wasn’t happy about it…)

Customer: “But that brand has always been three-for-two!”

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