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Three Grand Can Buy You A Lot Of Chianti And Fava Beans

, , , | Right | June 17, 2022

I’m working in the drive-thru of a bank, which generally has a cash-out limit of $2,000; we have to get approval for amounts over our limit, and this takes time that we don’t like to waste for customers in the drive-thru.

A customer pulls up.

Driver: “I want to take out $3,000. I know that’s more than the limit, but I have someone in the car who shouldn’t come inside.”

Me: “May I ask why that is?”

Driver: *With an added chuckle* “Well, he’s a little crazy.”

My coworkers and I watched as the man in the back seat gave us a straight-up serial killer glare. 

I don’t think he blinked that entire transaction.

It was definitely one of the weirdest, creepiest encounters I’ve had in customer service.

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