Thought You Were A Schmuck But You Turn Out To Be A Mensch

, , , , , | Right | May 2, 2020

I’m a customer in line at a post office. A mother, her young son, and a baby in a carrier are with her; the baby is on the floor, as there are no desks. The young son and the mother are speaking in Hebrew. I’m wearing a simple black T-shirt and wide punk-style rave pants.

Boy: *In Hebrew* “Mom, that girl is staring at [Baby] weirdly.”

Mom: *In Hebrew* “Just ignore her. You know how non-Jews are. They’re all stupid idiots. Just ignore her.”

I reply to them, grinning widely.

Me: *In Hebrew* “I can speak Hebrew, too.”

Both mother and son turn to stare at me in shock. The employee behind the counter grins as well, but otherwise says nothing.

Me: *In Hebrew* “Hi! Your baby is adorable.”

I’ve never seen a family rush out of an establishment so quickly before. The employee behind the counter gave me a free stamp.

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