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Thought You Knew The Customers Front And Back

, , , | Right | July 31, 2020

I am standing in the middle of the restaurant when a guest walks up to me, clearly intent on asking a question. Our bathrooms are tucked away in the back of the restaurant and our most asked question by far is, “Where is your bathroom?” which I am getting prepared to answer before she even asks. Then, she comes out of left field with this gem, pointing to the front door.

Guest: “Is that the front door?”

I can only assume my smile melted away to a look of confusion and concern as I stammered out a response that, yes, indeed, the laws of space and time still applied, and the front of the restaurant was still where the front door had always been and will always be located. But I was taken aback by the absolute lunacy of the question.

That door, ma’am? With the giant window pointing to the street? Is that the front door? I’ve seriously lost sleep over this whole thing, producing only more questions than answers. Questions like, how did she get into the restaurant?