Thought It Was Some Kind Of Sick Joke

| Working | August 3, 2017

(For the past couple of days I’ve had a fever and been vomiting, so I decided to phone in sick at work the day earlier. I feel somewhat better the morning after so decide to brave the shift. Literally five minutes into the shift, however, I flee the office for the toilets and throw up whatever is left of my stomach acid and quickly succumb to the fever again. I am emerging from the toilet.)

Coworker: “My god! You look awful!” *doesn’t get too close… probably wise*

(I can barely get a word out before she demands I go to the break room while she finds the manager to write me off and send me home. I make it to the break room with some difficulty, only to find the manager in there having a drink…)

Manager: *sarcastically* “So you managed to make it in today?”

(I look over at her briefly.)

Manager: *visibly angry and speaking accusingly* “Quick recovery rate, I suppose.”

(I decided to look at the mirror to the side of me. I was literally green, glistening with sweat, and had blood-shot eyes. I heard her making suggestions of disciplinary action before I blacked out. She was never seen at that store again. I still wonder what she must have seen when I walked in.)

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