Thought Comes Full Cycle

| Related | September 18, 2013

(It’s raining, and I’m trying to get a ride to work. Although I do own my own vehicle, it is a motorcycle.)

Me: “Mom, can I get a ride to work?”

Mom: “What do you need me for? Just take your bike.”

Me: “In the rain?”

Mom: “Just be careful.”

Me: “Mom, I’ve tried riding in the rain before. Although I am very careful, that doesn’t stop rain from getting into my eyes. And at the speeds I’m going, they feel like needles.”

Mom: “Then just pull down your visor! It’s not that hard!”

Me: “That still doesn’t help. The rain drops will cover up my front view.”

Mom: “Then turn on the wipers, silly!”

Me: “Really? Turn on the wipers?”

Mom: “Yes! Do you think I drive in the rain without windshield wipers? Don’t be stupid.”

Me: “I’ll give you a minute to let that one sink in.”

(I stand there in front of her, waiting for the light bulb to go off in her head.)

Mom: “Get in the d*** car.”

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