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Those Who Reward Rigging The System Are Doomed To Have It Forever Rigged

, , , , | Right | July 9, 2022

We have a regular who scams and abuses the system daily.

She comes in, puts in rewards, and uses a coupon for a free sandwich or salad or whatever. She always has a reward or coupon for a free something. She takes her order to go, and leaves; never smiles or greets the worker. An absolute pleasure to deal with.

After she leaves, she immediately calls corporate to yell and complain that something was wrong with her order. Sometimes it’s that there’s a missing ingredient, or it’s on the wrong bread. Sometimes, she complains that she didn’t receive utensils. With her sandwich. Yeah.

Every time she calls and complains to corporate, they send her a coupon or a reward for a free item. Rinse and repeat.

I’ve asked about banning her from the store, but only corporate has the ability to do that, and as far as they’re concerned, we’re the problem. There’s never been anything wrong with her order. I’ve double-checked every time, and we ask her when we hand it to her if she has everything she needs and if she wants anything else. A**hole.

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