Those Who Handle Things Like An A** Get Their A**es Handed To Them

, , , , | Right | May 27, 2019

(I work in a supermarket, mostly as a cashier, but sometimes I help stocking shelves. My coworkers and I have had several run-ins with a very rude customer; he’s offensive, condescending, and aggressive if he encounters any resistance. Our manager refuses to ban the guy because they live in the same building and he’s afraid of being attacked. The guy is free to come in and bully us, and customers, quoting, “I’m stronger than you; what are you going to do about it?” After not showing up for two weeks, he limps back into the store with a swollen face, black eye, broken swollen nose, swollen jaw, and a broken front tooth, and a few fingers on his right hand are broken. He looks like he had his a** kicked and no one in the store is sad to see it. After getting his purchases, he limps up to my counter.)

Rude Guy: *sees me staring* “Don’t you f****** laugh!” *clutches his jaw, which clearly hurts*

Me: “Of course, sir. Did you find everything you need?” *biting my tongue so I don’t ask him if he found painkillers*

Rude Guy: “Yeah, just ring me the f*** up.”

(After ringing him through, another regular watches him leave with a smile.)

Regular: “Looks like he found someone stronger than him; what do you think he’ll do about that?”

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