Those Who Don’t Wait For Staff Are Doomed To Wait

, , , | Right | February 11, 2020

(I work at a fairly popular coffee chain, and we always have a morning rush. However, weekend mornings are particularly busy, so that we have at least ten orders at a time between the drive-thru and the house. I am working on making orders and jumping to the register in the lobby when somebody walks in. As I am finishing an order, I notice an older gentleman waiting at the counter staring at me. As per policy, I acknowledge him and tell him I’ll be right with him; however, he immediately starts listing off his order.)

Customer: “I’ll have a plain drip coffee with [amount] of cream and sugar.”

Me: “I’ll help you in a moment.”

(I walk a collection of drinks over to the drive-thru window, and when I go to help the man, he is already seated. I assume someone else has helped him with his order and go about with others. Thirty minutes go by; orders have slowed down at this point. I’m in the back doing dishes and I hear him shout for me and not address anyone else I’m on shift with. I walk up to see what the fuss is, and immediately he starts yelling.)

Customer: “I have been waiting on my drink for thirty minutes. You intentionally blew me off!”

Me: “Okay, I apologize. Remind me of your order?” 

Customer: *lists off his plain drink once again*

(I ring him up for a large coffee but don’t put any of the other specifications down.)

Me: “Okay, that’ll be $2.97.” 

Customer: “I have to pay for coffee?” 

Me: “Yes, sir, it’s the cost of the product and the cup; we cannot give free coffee out or else we’d lose lots of money.” 

Customer: “It should be free since you forgot about me anyway.”

Me: “Sir, you never paid; therefore, your order was never placed.”

(The customer forks over his $3 and I pour his coffee for him.)

Customer: *opens cup* “Where’s my cream and sugar?”

Me: “When in house, customers are allowed to adjust their drinks at the service counter.”

Customer: “I want [amount of cream and sugar]!”

(I added what he asked for, and he still went over to the service counter to douse his drink in half and half. I clocked off. I ultimately got a complaint from corporate over “intentionally blowing customers off,” but was only meant to read the email and laugh about it with my supervisor.)

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