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Those Who Are Too Pushy Might Just Get Shoved

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Approximately fifteen or sixteen years ago, I was living and working in London. I’m a Christian and am quite involved in my church. However, I’m very uncomfortable with “forcing” religion — or any opinions or beliefs, for that matter — onto anyone, so I tend to avoid “street corner preachers.” They make me uncomfortable.

My cousin and his girlfriend traveled to London for work so I met them at Heathrow airport. We were on the Tube on our way home in a train carriage. Next to me was a sweet elderly lady reading a book, opposite me were two well-dressed elderly ladies having a quiet conversation, and next to them was a young man with a shaved head, neatly dressed, also minding his own business.

And then there was a strange creature: a man standing at the entrance dressed from head to toe in gold. And when I say head to toe, I mean that even his skin was painted gold. And he was busy preaching, loudly, to anyone who would listen. And nobody wanted to listen; we were all uncomfortable.

The two ladies across from me couldn’t hear themselves talking over the racket and gave him a few glances. The guy with the shaved head asked him politely to please be quiet a few times. Unfortunately, Preacher Man just kept going.

The train was slowing down into the next station. The doors opened and one or two people got off, including the guy with the shaved head. Preacher Man kept screaming after him, leaning halfway out of the door.

The sweet lady next to me reading the book promptly stood up, shoved him out the door, sat down again, and continued reading her book. The doors closed, the train pulled away and everyone on our side of the carriage had a good chuckle.

I get that people are passionate about things, but you’re doing more harm than good trying to shove your beliefs down someone’s throat.

And thanks to the little lady for being such a bada**!

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