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Those Must Be Some Really Good Treats

, , , , | Right | CREDIT: Suspicious_table920 | December 16, 2022

I work at a pet-friendly store, and our merchandise includes pet food, treats, and toys. This is only about a quarter of the store or so. Customers are always bringing their dogs in, and this is the highlight of the job. Since I am a cashier, I get to ask at the register if they would like to give their dog a treat. Most of the time they say yes; sometimes they say no because their dog needs to be trained better or just has diet issues. The regular customers’ dogs KNOW about the treats, and they always want to go straight to the register.

Today, a random dog just strolls into the store. Nobody comes in with him, and the manager on duty starts asking people closest to him if he is their dog. Nobody knows whose dog this is.

He walks straight up to the register, gets his treat, and starts walking around the store as if he’s doing some shopping for his owner. This dog is panting like crazy because it is over ninety degrees outside, so my coworkers take him around to the back and give him a bowl of water to drink from. There’s still no sign of his owner. This dog is just walking around like he owns the place, and he is happy as can be.

Sometime later, my coworkers spot a post on Facebook about a missing dog. He escaped from his owner’s house, which is at least two miles away from the store, with a minimum forty-minute walk. Another funny part is that the owner was shopping at the store twenty minutes before the dog arrived. I can only imagine what was going through the dog’s mind.

Dog: “How dare you go to that store without me?! Fine, I’ll take myself!”

Dog: *Walks over forty minutes to get to our store in ninety-plus heat*

All of us found this encounter entirely hilarious, and we talked about it for the rest of the day.

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