Those Kinds Of Film Aren’t Studied In A Classroom

| Tonbridge, England UK | Learning | July 2, 2014

(I am in a film studies class, and we are filling out a table based on the structure of modern films. The third column in the table is entitled ‘Enigma’, meaning ‘problem’. Also, one of the films being discussed has a tagline on its poster saying ‘The True Story of a Heist Gone Wrong.’)

Friend: *pointing to column three* “What’s an enema?”

Me: *turning crimson* “I don’t really think I shou—”

(At this point, I notice the completely innocent look on her face and realise that she does not understand what she has just asked me.)

Me: “It’s pronounced ‘eNIGma’, but here’s what you just asked me…”

(I Google ‘enema’ and give her my phone. It doesn’t take her long to get the gist of the procedure, and she doubles over, laughing.)

Me: *laughing* “Imagine! ‘The True Story of an Enema Gone Wrong!'”

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