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Those Jobs Have Done A Job On You

| Working | May 31, 2017

(During my first year at university, I work two jobs answering phones, one as a night guard in a guest house for the nursing school where I work as a receptionist during the weekend classes. As this story takes place, I am also an intern at a wastewater treatment plant and am house-sitting my parents’ home, so I have 4 different spiels down for answering the phone. One night while I’m at guard duty, my cell-phone rings and I answer without checking the number.)

Me: “Hello, this is [Parents’] phone. [My Name] speaking. Wait, no, I’m very sorry. This is [School]. No, [School Guest House]. I’m really sorry about that.”

Best Friend: “Well, at least you didn’t answer with [Wastewater Treatment Plant]. And by the way, I called your cellphone.”

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