Those Aren’t Moneybags Under His Eyes

| Working | May 20, 2014

(I work front desk at an offshoot brand of a well known hotel chain. I wear glasses, which are broken and taped at the corner. I’m relatively new to this job, and as such, my vision coverage hasn’t kicked in yet, meaning I haven’t been able to get them replaced. The owner has apparently complained behind my back to our GM that my glasses look ‘unprofessional.’)

Owner: *sarcastically* “Do we have to take up a collection to get you some new glasses?”

Me: *uncomfortably chuckling* “No, sir. I’m just waiting for my insurance to kick in so I can get some new ones.”

Owner: “Why haven’t you just replaced them?”

Me: “Well, because I can’t afford them on my own.”

Owner: “Well, why not?”

Me: “… I think that’s up to your payroll.”

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