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This Would Be Sweet If It Weren’t So Stupid

, , , , | Right | CREDIT: LongLiveMisanthrope | April 24, 2021

A customer comes up to my coworker.

Customer: “This set of lights smells, right?”

The guy looks at the box and sees that it says, “candy cane lights,” for being both red and white alternating. He chuckles.

Coworker: “No, these lights aren’t scented. They’re only called that because of the light pattern they produce.”

She gives him a confused look.

Customer: “No, it says it’s scented right here.”

She points to the text toward the bottom and reads it.

Customer: “’In candy scents.’ See, it’s scented, right?”

The text read, “Incandescent.” Apparently, she was completely serious and got really confused why my coworker was pronouncing it weird.

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