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This Would Be A Really Weird Disney Movie

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I have a manager who, to put it frankly, is eviler than a Disney villain, and with far fewer redeeming qualities. She takes advantage of employees straight out of college and will often resort to manipulation and gaslighting them. She will often act like she is the only one who can save you from being fired by the “unreasonable” owner and then expect you to return the favor by giving her ideas to make her look good. And you can never actually call her out on her crap because she is vague enough about it that if you do, she will act offended and make you feel malicious.

On Tuesday, she gives me one of these vague threats toward my job. Unfortunately for her, after four years, I recognize the tactic and am indifferent. Armed with the knowledge that if they were to fire me, they would be royally screwed, I just stare blankly at her as she backtracks and tells me how she will “protect” me. She then launches into the next topic at hand: finding tasks for her intern who starts on Monday.

I shrug my shoulders.

Me: “What were you planning on doing, anyway?”

Manager: “I don’t know.”

Me: “I suggest that you talk to [Coworker] about it as she might have tasks for the intern to work on.”

My Villain never does and spends Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday asking me to come up with ideas for her. Obviously, I continue to ask her why this intern was hired and what sort of plans she had for them because, again, you don’t get to threaten a person’s livelihood and expect them to be a wealth of ideas and resources.

By Thursday, she knows she has messed up and sends me a nice note telling me how much she appreciates me and wants me to know I am a “valuable” team member. I ignore it, so Friday, she comes into my office and out of the blue says:

Manager: “I just want you to know I mean every word.”

I feign a smile.

Me: “I appreciate that.”

I go back to work until she leaves, annoyed that I didn’t give her something more heartfelt in response to her insincerity.

Friday afternoon, my coworker I told her to talk to is complaining about how she is working on an intern task, so I tell her to email [Manager] with the idea. She is hesitant as [Manager] is also known to be volatile to new ideas, so I do it. 

The response I get back at 5:07 pm is absolute gold.

Manager: “Hello, all. I will let [Intern] and the team know that there are other tasks on the development team that need expertise. Let us know how critical or time-sensitive this becomes, as I don’t see [Intern] with downtime. But happy to contribute to the needs of the team. Thanks, [Manager].”

At this point, I was absolutely rolling at the audacity of this woman. She also copied her boss on it to show what a team player she is. I sent her back a note telling her it was all good; I’d only mentioned it since she’d asked for ideas. Again, I made sure her boss is copied.

Then, Monday rolled around. The intern came in at 9:00 am, and lo and behold, she had nothing for the intern! So, she texted me asking me to show them how to perform that task I mentioned on Friday. 

With great satisfaction, I told her I couldn’t do it today as I had nothing prepared; she had told me it was unnecessary. She wasn’t too happy about that. I cannot wait until she threatens to have me fired again!

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