This Woman Needs To Netflix And Actually Chill

, , | Right | October 15, 2020

I am killing time in the shop waiting room as my car receives routine maintenance. A woman came in shortly after I did, and she seems to be determined to make a general nuisance of herself in all of the standard-issue “entitled” ways. She is pestering the mechanics every few minutes about the cost and time involved in whatever she needs for her vehicle — which pulls them away from their work, obviously adding to the time involved — pacing around talking loudly on her phone — mostly whiny complaints about the shop which everyone can hear — etc. I’m already not a fan, and then she sees me on my laptop and talks to me.

Other Customer: “Is there Wi-Fi here?”

Me: “I honestly have no idea. I have my laptop tethered to my phone.”

Other Customer: “Oh. Can I do that?”

Me: “No, I’m sorry. I’m using my phone’s data plan to provide my laptop with an Internet connection.”

Other Customer: “Okay, but I don’t understand why you can’t share.”

Me: “Because I pay for my phone’s data plan. This isn’t free.”

Other Customer: “So?”

Me: *Annoyed* “I’m not going to share my mobile data with you, a stranger.”

She looks bewildered by my annoyance.

Other Customer: “Well, I don’t see why not. That’s what unlimited data is for, and you’re being rude. Why can’t you share? I’m bored and want to watch Netflix.”

Me: “You’re assuming I have an unlimited plan, and that’s not my problem. How many bars do you have?”

Other Customer: “Four, why?”

Me: “Use your own data.”

Other Customer: “I don’t want to do that! Netflix uses a lot!”

Me: “Then why on Earth do you think I should just give you mine?”

She is stuck looking for an argument for this when my name is called because my car is finished. This causes her to change her focus.

Other Customer: “Why is her car finished first?!”

The mechanic is already clearly tired of this person and struggling not to show it.

Mechanic: “One, she was here first. Two, she was here by appointment, and you are a walk-in. Three, she needed quick routine maintenance, and your car needs a major labor-intensive repair.”

Other Customer: “Ugh, God, this place sucks!

I paid as quickly as possible and practically ran out of there, silently wishing the best of luck to the remaining people in the shop.

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