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This Wedding Is Not A Clone Of Others

| Friendly | January 14, 2015

(I go to the wedding of a friend of the family in the middle of summer. The reception is outdoors, with designated areas for children to play. As such, most of them are avoiding the adults. I am a formally-dressed woman in my early twenties. I am walking towards the table where my family is when I pass a group of boys about eight or nine years old making ‘pew pew!’ noises.)

Me: “Hey, guys, whatcha doin?”

Boy #1: “Oh! We’re, um, we’re… It’s just Star Wars.”

Me: “Cool! My favorite one is Empire Strikes Back. How about you?”

(The kid’s eyes get huge and he whispers ‘me, too’! I go back to sit down and a few minutes later the group of boys came up to the table.)

Boy #2: “Um, miss, um, do you want to play Star Wars with us?”

(I leave my high heels there and head down to the kids’ area.)

Me: “Okay, boys. What are we doing? ”

Boy #1: ” Attack of the Clones! [Boy #2] is Dooku, I’m Anakin, [Boy #3] is Obi-Wan. The rest are clones. You be the other Jedi and lead them into battle.”

(Best. Wedding reception. Ever.)

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