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This Was An Old Joke Before Your Date Of Birth

, , , , | Right | July 13, 2022

The pharmacy I work at requires us to ask for the customer’s name and date of birth when they’re picking up a prescription. This is so we make sure we have the correct patient and don’t give them the wrong prescription by mistake.

My coworker helped a man who, when she asked for his date of birth, just gave her the month and day. When asked for the year, he said, “Every year,” like she was stupid. His prescription wasn’t quite ready, so he’s sitting in our waiting area while it’s finished. I’ve just called his name to come to pick up. I’d overheard his conversation with my coworker, so I’m prepared for him to pull the same stunt when I help him.

Me: “Okay, [Customer], will you just verify your date of birth for me?”

Customer: “It’s January fifth.”

Me: “And what year was that?”

Customer: *Thinking he’s clever* “Every year!”

Me: *Deadpan* “You were born every year?”

I specifically asked for your date of birth, not your birthday, smarta**.

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