This Waitress Iced Herself Out Of A Tip

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My parents and I decide to try a new diner in town for breakfast. The diner has only been open a few weeks and we’re excited at the prospect of a new place to get breakfast on weekends.

I order a waffle with ice cream which is listed on the menu and is more expensive than a plain waffle. My parents order their food at the same time and the waitress puts in our order. When our order comes, there is no ice cream with my waffle.

Waitress: “I’m sorry, we’re out of ice cream. I brought you butter for your waffle, but do you want some whipped cream, instead?”

I‘m slightly annoyed because if I’d known right away that they were out of ice cream I would have ordered chocolate chips in my waffle, but this isn’t a huge deal and I take the waffle with the butter that she brought.

We happily eat our breakfast and ask for the check when we’ve finished. On the check, the waitress has charged us full price for a waffle with ice cream. My dad flags her down.

Dad: “You charged us full price here for a waffle with ice cream.”

Waitress: “Yeah, that’s what you got.”

Dad: “No, that’s what we ordered, but you’re out of ice cream, so that’s not what we got. We just got a plain waffle with butter.”

The waitress sighs heavily, rolls her eyes, and takes the check. She walks off without a word. A few minutes later, she comes back and tosses the corrected check on the table without saying anything and then stomps off.

My dad goes to the register to pay for the meal and when asked how everything was, he explains what happened and the waitress’s attitude to the manager who is ringing him up. The manager makes a confused face.

Manager: “We’re not out of ice cream, because we’ve never had it since we’ve been open. We don’t even have a freezer!”

We haven’t been back.

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