This Transaction Is Not All Peaches And Cream

| Working | April 5, 2017

(I am a Caucasian female but am fluent in Punjabi because I grew up in a heavily Indian neighbourhood. I am at a flea market and am looking at some fruit at a cart run by an Indian man.)

Indian Man: *to daughter in Punjabi* “Watch this. I bet I can get this girl to pay $10 for that peach.”

(I try and act like I am not listening to their conversation and inspect the peaches.)

Indian Man: *to me, in English* “Ah, looking at these locally grown peaches, huh? They’re not like the outsourced peaches you would find in grocery stores. These are organic and don’t use child labour like [Popular Fruit Company]. I can sell five to you for $10.”

Me: *in Punjabi* “Thank you, but I think I’ll pass. I don’t buy from people who try to scam me based on how I look.”

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