This Transaction Is Heavy With Bad Attitude

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(I work in a supermarket as a cashier, and I’ve only been there for nearly a month as it’s just a summer job. I already saw my fair share of rude customers when I was just a customer, but this is the worst of them that I’ve encountered so far. I start to scan items for an elderly lady.)

Me: “Hi. Do you have our store card?”

Elderly Lady: “No. Double-bag everything. Everything is too heavy.” 

(She has a lot of light stuff, but I just smile and double-bag everything. I should also mention the register I am on is a carousel one, with a spinning wheel with bags on it so I can bag the items myself. If the carousel gets too full, I usually politely ask the customer to put some of their stuff in their cart. The carousel has gotten a bit full, but I manage to squeeze everything on there. The customer is just standing there, staring at me.)

Me: “Is there a problem? I double-bagged everything.”

Elderly Lady: “Put them in my cart now.” 

(As I contemplate where she should actually put her groceries, I put them all into her cart.)

Elderly Lady: *scowls at me and starts to leave*

Me: “Wait, you haven’t paid yet!”

Elderly Lady: “Yeah, I did.” 

Me: “No, you have not; my screen still shows your total and that you haven’t paid yet.”

Elderly Lady: “Your screen is wrong, then.” 

Me: “You haven’t even received your receipt yet, so I know you haven’t paid yet.”

Elderly Lady: *glares at me as she pays* 

Me: *getting her receipt and handing it to her, smiling brightly* “Have a great day!”

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