This Test Is Eeeh-Zeeh

| Learning | November 6, 2013

(My high school physics teacher has a habit of ‘helping’ us during tests. Sometimes he ‘forgets’ to erase a formula off the board, or leave a note up… things like that. We are about to take a test on a particularly hard chapter. It is right after he passes out the tests, which are always multiple choice.)

Teacher: “Alright, does everyone SEE number three?”

(We look at each other in confusion.)

Student #1: “Uh… yeah… what about it?”

Teacher: “Oh, just wanted you to really SEE how it’s worded.”

(I catch on.)

Teacher: “Okay guys… everyone BE careful on number eight!”

(Everyone reads #8 and looks around at each other, getting what he’s doing. A few minutes pass…)

Teacher: “Man, that number 10 is just DElightful!”

(Everyone scribbles. A few more minutes pass…)

Student #2: “Sir, do we SEE number fifteen?”

Teacher: “Um… yes. Yes you do!”

(Needless to say, everyone passed the test!)

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