This Test Is Eeeh-Zeeh

| LA, USA | Learning | November 6, 2013

(My high school physics teacher has a habit of ‘helping’ us during tests. Sometimes he ‘forgets’ to erase a formula off the board, or leave a note up… things like that. We are about to take a test on a particularly hard chapter. It is right after he passes out the tests, which are always multiple choice.)

Teacher: “Alright, does everyone SEE number three?”

(We look at each other in confusion.)

Student #1: “Uh… yeah… what about it?”

Teacher: “Oh, just wanted you to really SEE how it’s worded.”

(I catch on.)

Teacher: “Okay guys… everyone BE careful on number eight!”

(Everyone reads #8 and looks around at each other, getting what he’s doing. A few minutes pass…)

Teacher: “Man, that number 10 is just DElightful!”

(Everyone scribbles. A few more minutes pass…)

Student #2: “Sir, do we SEE number fifteen?”

Teacher: “Um… yes. Yes you do!”

(Needless to say, everyone passed the test!)

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  • Rebekah

    Cool teachers don’t necessarily make good teachers.

  • DarkYuan

    Leaving stuff up on the board should be used more. I’m a proponent of open-book tests. It’s not always about remembering stuff to then forget later. It should be about knowing how to use what you’ve got.

    • Jennifer Franco

      It’s more important to be able to find and apply information then memorize it, imo.

      • jimfromtx

        Yep! The brain kinda has finite space for remembering facts and other information, but if you remember the important stuff, and know how to find the other stuff, then you’re fairly well off. And beat half the people in my high school.

  • Cathrope

    My 7th grade science teacher was the same way. I’m still trying to figure out how my classmates were failing that class. Wish my chemistry teacher did that. God I hated that class.