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This Teacher’s About To Perform A Student-ectomy

, , , , , | Learning | September 8, 2021

I’m sitting in class, trying to do my assigned work, but I’m really, really tired because I could barely sleep last night. At one point, I let out a huge yawn and my teacher catches me. I am too tired to cover my mouth, and apparently, she doesn’t like that.

Teacher: “[My Name], cover your mouth! I could see all the way to your tonsils!”

Me: “That’s impossible, ma’am.”

Teacher: “No, that’s how far you opened your mouth. I could see them clearly!”

Me: “Well, ma’am, then something very strange happened, because my tonsils were removed when I was a year old.”

Yeah, I know, bit rude, but I was so tired that my brain-to-mouth filter apparently stopped working. The rest of the class got a laugh out of it, though.

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