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This Teacher Is Pure Theater!

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I work for a university’s fine arts department. Our theater department is hosting a free matinee event for area elementary, junior high, and high school students. We’re thrilled to welcome hundreds of students to the event. I’m tasked with getting all of these students off their buses and escorted into the auditorium in an organized fashion.

Due to an error during pre-registration for this event, an elementary school is not recorded as attending. They show up with over 150 students. This is not a major problem at the moment, however, as the auditorium is more than able to accommodate this many extra people. We simply open the balcony, as the main floor is full.

We have intentionally left part of an entire row on the main floor open for random community members or parents who decide to come, people with mobility issues, etc.

While we’re opening the balcony, a high school group is escorted by a volunteer usher into the auditorium on the main floor but quickly sees we are short on seats. The usher tells the teachers and chaperones in the group that we need to redirect them up to the balcony and escorts them up the stairs.  

The following exchange happens a couple of minutes later. I’m on the main floor, watching for any problems with latecomers, “stragglers” in the lobby, etc. 

Teacher: “Ex-cuse me! Where is the elevator?”

Me: “Oh, ma’am, I’m sorry for any hassle, but this building actually doesn’t have an elevator yet…”

They are fundraising for a massive renovation project to fix this issue currently.

Me:  “…but we do have seating in—”

Teacher: *Interrupting and huffing condescendingly* “Well, my students were just sent to the balcony. I have lung disease and cannot do those stairs!”

I see the school logo on her shirt and know instantly to which students she is referring.

Me: “Of course! We would be very glad to get you a seat on the main floor; we have—”

The teacher interrupts again with a huff, a head jiggle, and an eye roll.

Teacher:If there are any seats left!

She must be having a whopper of a day to have so much attitude.

I wave over a volunteer usher.

Me: “Yes, ma’am, we do have a few seats available on the main floor, and this lovely person would be glad to show y—”

Teacher: “I was in the bathroom for two minutes and my class got sent up to the balcony without my knowledge!”

I know she is not the only teacher with these students, and I choose not to rise to the bait of the intended argument.

Me: “Ah, well, sounds like it was a case of poor timing, then.” *Friendly laugh* “But let’s get you to a seat before the show st—”

Teacher: “I just hope my students won’t cause problems!”

I again remember the other teachers who are with this group and our experienced volunteer ushers who will be monitoring the auditorium during the performance.

Me: “Do you have a concern about your students? Because we would be glad to—”

Teacher: “No, they won’t cause problems!”

She huffs loudly and walks off with the volunteer usher.

Me: “What was that?!

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