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This Teacher Is Bananas

| Learning | July 1, 2016

(My eighth-grade Spanish teacher is a very funny and… interesting woman.)

Classmate #1: *curses*

Teacher: “[Classmate #1], if you’re going to curse, at least curse quietly! That way I can at least pretend it didn’t happen.”

(Another occasion in class.)

Teacher: “[Classmate #2], I can see you using your phone. Here, do this—“ *stands Classmate #2’s notebook up on her desk* “—then no one needs to know!”

(On another occasion students are passing notes and the teacher intercepts one and reads it aloud.)

Note: “We’re living on the wild side. Miss [Teacher] doesn’t even know!”

Teacher: “What makes you think I’m not living on the wild side?”

(Two other students and I are discussing graduation with this teacher but things get a bit off topic…)

Classmate #3: “Don’t bananas make you sleep better or something?”

Teacher: “I can take that, like, five different ways and four of them are not appropriate for school.”

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