This Teacher Gets An F

, , , | Learning | July 24, 2020

Ever wanted the evidence that your teacher is biased? My drawing professor has had it in for me since a routine teacher-parent meeting went pear-shaped. Ever since that meeting, no matter how well I do, my grades are never above a D. We’re given a particularly complex assignment, and I turn in my drawing.

Teacher: “This is not good. You’ll have to redo it.”

Me: “Where is the mistake?”

Teacher: “There is no ‘mistake’. It’s all wrong. You must redo it.”

Being stupid, and knowing the drawing is far from my best effort, I redo it and turn in the new one.

Teacher: “This is wrong again! You’ll have to do another one.”

I’m fed up with the stupid drawing, which is making me neglect other subjects. I ask for my uncle’s help He’s a professional draftsman and he presents me with a beautiful, precise, clean drawing that has very obviously not been made by a high school student. However, I hand it in and the teacher grades it 8+.

A few weeks later…

Classmate #1: “[My Name], remember that drawing assignment we were given? How about you do the assignment for me? I’ll pay you!”

Me: “No, if I have to draw that thing once more, I’m gonna puke. You can have one that I did, but be warned, it’s wrong, so you won’t get a good mark.”

Classmate #1: “Oh, don’t worry about that. Just give it to me.”

She hands in my second, “wrong again” drawing: it’s graded 8. A few weeks later, another classmate, a notorious slacker, asks for my help, too.

Classmate #2: “[My Name], remember that drawing assignment we were given?”

Me: “I do. Five thousand lira. In advance.”

I gave him my first “all wrong” drawing, which I had not binned yet. His grade? 8-. I ended up the year with the non-passing grade of 5, the only one in my class.

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