This System Is 100% Stupid

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(I work in a computer store where the cashiers are tracked on how many emails they “capture.” It is based on a percentage; for example, if I have the potential to capture a hundred customers but only get ten, my ranking is 10%. It is a very screwed-up system because if some cashiers only have the potential to get one customer and get that email they receive 100%. This happens a lot to the people working at the service desk. Due to the fact that I am very fast, I always check out the most customers but have a low capture rate because of this. My store manager has pulled me in to discuss how I can do better.)

Store Manager: “You’re just not contributing enough to this company. There is no reason you shouldn’t be getting a better percentage ranking.”

Me: “Well, I check out the most customers, so my ratios would be harder to hit. I mean, I checked out over two hundred people and captured almost sixty emails.”

Store Manager: *pulls our ranking sheet* “You see, [Corwoker #1] has 100% and you work the same shifts.”

Me: “Yes, we do, but he works over at the service desk. You can see he only had the option for five customers and only got five emails.”

Store Manager: “That is no excuse.”

Me: “So, let me just get this straight. I captured sixty emails but he only captured five, but because he received 100% he is doing more for the company than I am?”

Store Manager: “YES!”

(I walked out of the office at that point. Another time when I had busted my butt one day my front end supervisor said that out of everyone I needed the most improvement because of my email captures. If you looked at the list, I had the highest amount of email captures, but it was only maybe 60% of the customers I had, so my ranking was the lowest. But what does that matter when my coworker over here got one of one and had 100%?)

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