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This Story Would Have A Title But The Editors Woke Up Too Soon

, , , , | Right | October 30, 2019

(It’s a fairly quiet morning in the bookshop. The phone rings, and, as the person closest to it, I pick up.)

Me: “Good morning! [Shop], [My Name] speaking; how can I help?”

Caller: “Hello there. Can you order books?”

Me: “If it’s available through our wholesaler, then yes. Would you like me to order something for you?”

Caller: “What about old books?”

Me: “Again, if it’s available, then yes, but we don’t sell antique books.” 

Caller: “You know those books that have the fancy writing in them?”

Me: “Calligraphy?”

Caller: “No, the kind that monks do.”

Me: “Are you looking for a book about the Book of Kells maybe?”

Caller: “What it is, you see… I had a dream last night and in it, there was a book with that fancy monk writing on it.”

Me: “Right.”

Caller: “Do you have a book like that?”

Me: “I’d really need a title.”

Caller: “Oh, I’m sorry. I woke up before I could find out what it was called.”

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