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This Story Was Not Written By ChatGPT

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Being a teacher in 2023, we are having to learn about new ways students might find workarounds to doing homework via A.I. The school’s technology officer has provided a suite of A.I. detection tools that while he claims aren’t foolproof, are usually pretty accurate. Recently, I didn’t need to use this tool for an essay handed in by a student I’ll call Clive. (To those who might comment, I did run the software, and it confirmed my suspicions, but I really didn’t need to in this case.)

It is time for the students to leave school and Clive is being picked up by his mum in her car. She sees me while waiting for Clive, and immediately starts shouting at me.

Clive’s Mum: “Oi! You failed Clive’s history essay! He worked really hard on that!”

Me: “I’m sorry, but he really didn’t. It was shown that he used an A.I. tool to write the essay for him. He essentially admitted as much when I confronted him about it.”

Clive’s Mum: “How can you be so sure! He told me he studied hard!”

Me: “Because, Mrs. Smith, last week Clive couldn’t correctly spell the word ‘Orange’ but he was able to hand in an essay with the correct spelling and usage of ‘Antidisestablishmentarianism.'”

Clive’s Mum: *Pausing for a moment.* “Well, he should still be given points for finding a shortcut!”

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