This Story Takes The Cake

| Fairfield, CT, USA | Working | July 3, 2013

(My mom has ordered a cake at a bakery that is new to our area, and goes to pick it up.)

My Mom: “Hello, I’m Mrs. [last name], and I’m here for a cake.”

Employee: “Uh… what one was that again?”

My Mom: “A chocolate sheet cake with vanilla frosting, and hearts drawn on it with red icing.”

Employee: “One second.”

(We wait about fifteen minutes. Finally, the employee brings the cake out. It actually has “DRAW HEARTS” written across it in red icing, and very sloppily. My mother stares.)

Employee: “What?”

My Mom: “I didn’t… literally mean…”

(She has to make hand motions to show the employee what she wants. The cake t comes back after another long wait, but with two big, squiggly hearts drawn on it like a kindergartener’s finger painting.)

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