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This Story Is Cent-lessly Drawn Out

, , , , | Right | October 3, 2020

Me: “Okay, madam, that comes to $261.55.”

She places two $50 notes on the counter.

Me: “Sorry, that comes to $261.55.”

She places another $50 note on the counter before questioning the price.

Customer: “There was a sign saying all [item type]s were $99.”

I investigate to try and understand why there is a sign saying the items are $150 cheaper than what the computer says. I get there and notice that the curtains have been placed in a drop-bin by another customer. I explain this and apologize for the misunderstanding, but I tell her that the curtains still come to $261.55.

Me: “Okay, that comes to a grand total of $261.55.”

She places four $50 notes on the table.

Me: “Madam, it’s another $61.55.”

She places another $50 note on the table.

Me: “Madam, it’s another $11.55.”

She places a ten on the table.

Me: “Another $1.55, madam.”

She places fifty cents on the counter.

I’m fed up. I just end up staring at her. She then removes the fifty-cent coin and puts down a $2 coin.

Customer: “I’ll use the $2 to get some change.”

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