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This Story Is About To Get Doubly Saucy

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It is the day after Easter. I am sitting in front of our computer when a man walks in. As soon as I greet him, he says we messed up his order yesterday on Easter. 

Me: “Did you call yesterday to inform us?” 

Some people don’t call us the day the complaint happens or don’t have the opportunity before we close to call us.

Customer: “Yes, and they wouldn’t deliver me my sweet and sour sauce when you guys forgot it!”

Me: “Okay, I can go to the kitchen and grab you some now.”

As I’m about to walk away, he says:

Customer: “I mean, who eats egg rolls without sweet and sour sauce?”

Me: “I’m sorry, did you mean duck sauce?”

Customer: “No, sweet and sour sauce.”

Me: “Do you mean the stuff that comes in the packets or the red sauce? Some people call duck sauce sweet and sour sauce and I just wanna make sure.”

Customer: “No, the packets are hot sauce.”

Me: “There’s duck sauce, too.”

Customer: “No, there’s not, but the hot sauce is what saved you guys yesterday. That was good.”

I still think this guy means duck sauce, so I go around the counter on his side of the room and pick up a duck sauce packet to show him.

Me: “This is duck sauce.” *Picks up a hot sauce packet* “This is hot sauce.”

He walks over to the table I put the sauces on as I go back to my side of the counter.

Customer: *Quietly* “So, it’s my fault, then.”

He picks up a packet and holds it up.

Customer: “Is this duck sauce?”

Me: “Yes.”

Customer: “Oh, okay.”

He grabs some packets and leaves. I go to the kitchen where my boss is and ask her about what happened on Easter with that guy.

Boss: “He ordered for pickup, and when he was picking up his food, [Coworker] was trying to take his payment while I was putting his food on the table for him. He tried to hand the payment to me, but I directed him back to [Coworker]. But rather than give his card to [Coworker], he decided to stare at my butt as I walked away. After I’d gone back to the kitchen, he began saying to [Coworker] that all Asian women are so cute and started asking her if I liked Asian guys. When she said I just liked anyone and didn’t really judge based on their ethnicity, he told her he thought all white girls liked black guys or Mexican people.”

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