This Story Ends With A Pregnant Pause

| Working | May 15, 2013

(Though I am not due for another three weeks, I start getting very intense contractions. Since it is very late, I call the hospital to let them know I’m coming in so they can have a doctor waiting.)

Me: “I’m just calling to let you know I’m coming in. I think I’m going into labor!”

Nurse #1: “Oh… well, has your water broken yet?”

Me: “No, but I’m having very intense contractions every two minutes.”

Nurse #1: “You don’t need to come in until your water breaks.”

(The nurse then hangs up on me but I head over to the hospital anyway. An hour later, I have given birth to my daughter and am recovering when another nurse pokes her head into my room. Unbeknownst to me at the moment, it’s the same nurse that hung up on me.)

Nurse #1: “Hey, I’m back from dinner! I forgot to tell you before I left, some lady called claiming she was going into labor but her water hadn’t even broke yet. Has she called back?”

Nurse #2: “I haven’t heard anything, but we haven’t been at the desk since we had to help this young lady delivery her baby.”

Nurse #1: “Well, you should have called us, Missy! Then we would have had a doctor down here instead of leaving us to do it by ourselves.”

Me: “I did call. You hung up on me.”

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