This Software Will Be The Death Of You

| Working | January 27, 2016

(We have a very, very annoying internal software that crashes regularly, and causes endless trouble.)

Me: “So I dreamt that our office was captured by aliens and we were held hostages by them at laser-gun point.”

Two Male Colleagues: “And then?”

Me: “The aliens started saying that they are technologically more advanced than us because they run [Company Software].”

Two Male Colleagues: *start laughing deliriously*

Me: “And by the way, in my dream you two reacted in the exact same way and were pulverised by the aliens.”

Two Male Colleagues: “A very honourable death indeed.”

Me: “Yeah, I remember thinking ‘oh no, my friends are dead’ and ‘they died an epic death, though, they had a point.’”

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