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This Situation Stinks

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(I am camping with my family, and my cousin is joining us. In the evening, my younger brother and cousin, both around 14, go for a walk around the campsite. When they come back, I overhear this conversation:)

Brother: “I don’t think that was a squirrel.”

Cousin: “It did look a bit strange.”

Me: “Wait, what are you guys talking about?”

Cousin: “We saw a squirrel earlier and thought it would be fun to chase it! So we ran after it for a bit.”

Brother: “Until it ran into a tent! But we were talking that it looked strange for a squirrel…” *looks at the cousin* “Um, I think it might have been a skunk.”

Me: “Please tell me you guys are joking!”

(We went to the tent they saw the “squirrel” run into. They told me the lights were off when they were chasing it. They weren’t off anymore. We just cleared it from there. Fast.)

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