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This Should Drive You To Be More Observant

, , , , | Right | July 14, 2022

I’m the idiot customer in this one. I place a web order for pickup at a local deli. When I arrive, I notice they have curbside pickup. Great! I text and wait in my car. They ask for the description of my car and other standard information.

Twenty minutes go by, the car next to me gets their food and leaves, but still no order for me. I finally get annoyed enough at waiting to go inside. I’ve eaten here before, and they are often slow with service, but the food is good. I ordered ahead to avoid this. I’m standing in the lobby, annoyed, waiting for someone to come help me, and I glance outside and do a double-take.

I gave them the description of my husband’s car. No wonder they haven’t brought my food!

At this point, someone comes to help me. I explain my stupidity and ask politely if my food is ready. Yup, all set. She is very nicely trying not to laugh at me while I apologise profusely for being completely oblivious. I take my food and go, while hoping I gave the workers there a laugh for the day.

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